What changed it for you?

My third kiddo.

I liked to say I was pretty independent and had a big chip on my shoulder before I became a mom. A chip that said- “I can take care of it myself.”

Our first kid was born and the pride of independence was very present. And I did well with our first kid. Our second precious cutie rocked my world. I could no longer juggle all the things, but my pride was still high so I faked it a lot.

Our third nugget was born and he was oh so sweet and precious. The humbling wasn’t a result of him being a tough baby. The humbling came from me realizing I needed help with everything-dinner, dishes, feedings, sleep, the list was endless at this time. I couldn’t self sustain anymore. That third baby broke down my barriers so I could learn asking for help is never a sign of weakness.

It’s actually a sign of truth. One where you understand exactly where you are and what you need to live and love like you want.

The Bible talks a lot about asking God for help. For some reason, it was easier for me to ask God for help, feel disappointed that He didn’t answer, and then keep powering through. But I wonder if all along He was answering those prayers, maybe it was with the people right in front of me. The ones I would humbly admit I needed their help, and accept it.

May we run to God when we need help, and may our hands be open when he says here you go and it’s in the form of a counselor, friend, mother-in-law, parent, or spouse.

When I finally asked for help, the floodgates opened with resources. It’s still challenging for me to ask for help, especially when I tell myself-“why do you need help? This is so easy. Don’t bother them with that.”

But most of the time when I’ve asked for help people have been grateful I asked. Honored I’d allow them in to my world and let them do somethings that just feel too overwhelming at the time.

Who do you run to for help? I hope you can see the resources God has placed in your life. I pray they are life-giving and encouraging.

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