I love thinking about…


Maybe you feel joy returning and hope rising up as you gently close your eyes taking in the sunshine. Maybe you’re sitting in the living room and letting the sunshine flood in.

As I walk outside, we have bulbs that are popping up and their bright green color is so welcome in this season between winter and spring. It’s happy.

Each season brings new things.

Between winter and spring, some of those new things feel so extreme. We are starting to leave the snow and grey days for sunshine and warmth. It can feel as if maybe one is good and the other not as good.

Maybe winter has a bad rap for you. Sometimes you feel the depth of the winter blues. The lack of sunshine takes a hit and you’re worn out but not doing much.

And I’m wondering if God has set it up this way for a reason. He made the seasons. Maybe we can shift our expectations for winter.

The truth might be- we won’t get as much done in the winter. We may feel more tired. And that’s okay. The trees are quiet and bare. The animals are hibernating. And I’m thinking if it’s good enough for the earth and animals, it’s probably good enough for us.

So today, as you soak up the sun rays and think about this in-between season. Hopefully you can look back with joy knowing you went through another season. Seasons show us the journey of life. The ups and downs. The good and the tough.

Happy first days of March.

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