Writing and procrastination go hand and hand for me.

I like to wait and wait and then just bust something out in like twenty minutes.

Anybody else?

We can dream and do the thing that we are dreaming about, or the bigger temptation for me is to just dream and leave it on the table.  To have good intentions and then just stop.  Ending whatever I thought was amazing because it got difficult.

So, today my oldest two are happily water coloring a cardboard castle and I want to stay, play, and distract myself from what I really want to do.  And I think I’m distracting myself, because I’m not sure dreams do come true.  I see people and they have “arrived”, they have done what they set out to do.  And I feel myself just sitting here twiddling my fingers wondering when my turn will be.  Ooo the comparison game.

I’m reading books, and being inspired by different authors and how they write.

But I know there is something to be done with that inspiration.  My hands can create.  They can create because a story has been placed on my heart, and I want to tell it.

What are you dreaming about today?

I’m taking my next step.

What’s yours?

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