Perfect timing.

It never makes sense to me.  Some people call it coincidence, which seems a little flat to me.  Some people call it a miracle, maybe.  But it is always right, even when it is ugly.

We just need eyes to see it.

Hindsight is 20/20.  Right?  We see everything clearly when the storm is over.  Even right after it.  The rainbow appears and we rejoice.

We see how all the timing of things landed us right where they were supposed to.  And the humbling part is realizing we had little to do with it.

Even if you could change the timing of something you wouldn’t because you know there is no way you could rearrange the details and make it better.

Married at twenty.  Crazy then and now.  Students, married, living on campus at Johnson University, making minimum wage (about $6 then), we were living the dream.  Then, we courageously submit a resume to a church in Texas.  A place we had never been.

Ten months later we are interviewing in Texas and we had given up on the idea that we were going into ministry instead my husband was going to get his masters.  At  our interview weekend we accepted a college ministry position in Texas.  We go back to Johnson and listen to our answering machine (wow archaic) and Joel had received a full ride to get his masters.  We had already chosen and we were so happy with the idea of going into ministry.  We wanted ministry all along, but didn’t know college ministry was an option.  Grateful that full ride call came after we accepted the job in Texas, because the Lord knows my heart would have been to anxious to weigh the options back and forth.  That was just our beginning.  I’m grateful of how it began, and how the timing of everything seems just to work out.

That’s one decision.  I’ll share others later.

We have experienced perfect timing that doesn’t make any sense in our marriage and ministry over and over.  Sometimes we don’t even know it’s happening at the current moment.  But we always look back and say, “yeah, that was perfectly timed.”  And we had little to do with it, accept to be the receiver.

There’s a freedom in not being in control.  May my stubborn self remember as I’m writing this.  The truth that not being in control is a good thing, because we could not orchestrate a single detail of our lives to line up with someone else and then it work out for good.

So look back and see how God timed things in your life.  The good and the bad.  He’s there.  Making good out of nothing.  Let gratitude pour out.  Not because life has been perfect, but it has been perfectly used.

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