Oh how I love this word.  I feel this way around my husband.  He always feels like home, I’m content to be in his arms.  He smells good.  Doesn’t a home smell good.  You know how your friends would let you borrow a shirt and it smelled like their home?  You can’t explain it.

Recently I watched Ferdinand with my kids,  such a cute movie.  Like totally cute.  I love Ferdinand, his flower loving giant self.  It’s about this bull who does not want to fight like the other bulls and trying to find his place in life.  He finds this little girl and this song Home by Nick Jonas (go listen ASAP) is perfect as this bull is running through sunflowers carrying this precious little girl who is now his best friend.

The longing of every heart to feel like they belong.

And that they belong just as they are.  “Home is where you’re happy,” is one of the lyrics in the bridge.  Where are you happy?  Y’all, I sing this song all day and watch the music video with or without my kids.

There’s something so simple to that belonging.  In the movie, it so freeing to watch this sweet little bull run through fields of flowers.  Then, he has to go back and help free his friends.  And he does.  Then they belong.

Isn’t the point of our freedom, to point others to the one who has set us free.  Sometimes to go back, and let other’s know they can belong too.

I do this a lot with cartoon movies, emote all over them.  Looking deeper at this meaning of life, and I feel like God uses anything to speak to me.  Reading some of my kids children books (Oh the places you’ll go-great motivator, Sleep like a Tiger-great comfort if you struggle sleeping).  He is everywhere and in everything.  Shining the light for us so we can keep walking this thing out.

I hope today you feel happy.  Happy to be in a safe place to call home, a place where you belong.  Sometimes we might not feel like we belong because of the people around us, but maybe even at our own feelings about ourselves.

Listen to me, you belong.  You belong.  You were created to live in this exact time.

You are no mistake.

We don’t have to do anything to earn belonging, we only have to be human.

Where do you belong?  Maybe just right where you are.

Listen to Him telling you, You belong.  You are mine.


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