I was in counseling last week, refreshing after a busy start to the new year.

I told my counselor my word for the year was “balance” and read my blog to help explain how I saw it.  And she said she liked it and added that it also sounded like the word flow, rhythm.  My heart jumped with excitement.  I love rhythm.  It reminds me of dancing and singing in the kitchen, usually to Justin Timberlake.

img_7245-1My flow on a typical day usually comes when the kids are all happily playing together.  Its beautiful.  When the kids were younger, it was when they all napped at the same time and that peaceful sound fell over the house.  It was beautiful.  Peaceful.  Joyful.  Refreshing.  Especially if there was a sleepy babe laying in my arms snuggled on the couch.

This new word doesn’t change where I’m finding myself this year.  The word flow brought more clarity to the word balance for me, which is usually what counseling provides for me too, clarity.  Balance for me is a flow to life that is sustainable and joyful.  I have a tendency to want to stay in this flow state; however, then I wouldn’t know I was in a “rhythm or flow.”  It would just be normal, not a special time that I take notice of.  There is still life to be lived I remind myself.

My counselor said it reminded her of yoga, moving back and forth between poses can be difficult, but once we are in them it gets easier.  I like that.  Flow is not always a continual process, but one that we enter in and out of.

Sometimes it is hard to transition back to working out, but it becomes a flow once we make the transition.  Sometimes it is hard to transition from winter snuggles on the couch to playing outside when it’s a little chilly, but once we are there it is a little easier.

Today, I’m transitioning to eating better for myself.  I hate the transition, avoid it, and stay in an unhealthy place until finally I move and do something.  So I’m doing it. Stepping.

I believe we can make a lot of these habits, but life will happen and our flow will be jostled for a time, just get back at it whatever that flow is.  If it’s dancing in the kitchen, that’s easy!  Do it.  If it’s working out because it brings you joy, do it.  If its painting because you go into state of peace and focus, do it.

So, what is your flow?


4 responses to “Flow”

  1. This is good! Glad to see you blogging. I just read a davey Blackburn blog and he and his wife’s word for the year is flow as well! Not sure what scripture but after that blog I chose mine to be “up”. So many scriptures remind us to look up and when I’m frantically searching answers or even just frantically searching for something my mommy brain has misplaced I want to look up!

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